A very special thank-you

Sound and Lights

Mobile DJ in Winnipeg

Thank you to all of our previously booked clients. Through your diligently managing all of your wedding vendors, we managed to re-book every single one of you! With everyone in the city

re-arranging their dates, I can't imagine what a difficult task that was for you all. Kudos to you all for pushing through, what I can imagine, was a very stressful time. As always, I am here to help in whatever capacity I can so...as I have said many times to you all: "Feel free to call or email if you have any questions or concerns!"

As it is beginning to appear that venues will be slowly opening within the next couple of months, we are now booking open dates for Weddings, socials and other very special events.

With this very unique situation, we have re-booked the vast majority of our clients to dates in 2021. This is going to be an exciting and very busy year that is essentially going to be having 2 years of weddings and socials in one single year! Dates are beginning to roll in for new clients for 2021, so please do not prolong booking any of your vendors for the 2021 Wedding Season.


Due to the corona virus, we have had a couple of instances already of venues cancelling both their previously booked socials and Receptions. We have been working very diligently to accommodate both our current clients, as well as those whos currently booked DJs cannot accommodate a change in date. This is an understandable and unfortunate situation for anyone's clients and I'm SURE that everyone is working as hard as we are! We are being flooded with inquiries over the past few days and are working hard to adjust scheduling of events.


Please immediately check with your venue as to their ability to hold your social or reception. If a date must change due to a venue, please EMAIL OR CALL US IMMEDIATELY. You can check our availability on our Contact page. Because of this extraordinary circumstances, you WILL NOT be charged any fees for having to change a date - your deposit will carry over to your new date. HOWEVER, if a new date with us cannot be found, unfortunately, your deposit will be forfeited.


Feel free to call or email us if your current arrangements have fallen through. You can check our availability on our Contact page. Due to the volatile current situation, unfortunately, we cannot "hold" any dates. Bookings will be taken in a "first come first served" fashion.

Our first priority is to our currently booked clients and our assurance that nothing will change for you on our end of this situation. 


We thank you for your understanding.