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​​​​Our online event planning is included with every booking at no additional cost

Planning your wedding social, wedding reception or other event has never been easier using our online planning tools. Upon receiving a confirmed booking, you are given a login password to begin planning your event with us. The appropriate forms are automatically set up in your private and secure planning area. In addition to this is the ability to create a unique "Group" for your event: we assign a password for your Group which you give to your guests. Your guests can now login to your Group on our website and pre-request songs for your event! No more having to take requests one by one to pass on to the DJ - you do it all in advance. Of course, YOU can also make your own requests...and also view and (if you choose) delete requests made by your guests if you do not want that song played at your social or reception.

wedding social winnipeg dj
​​​Our generous packages include
more than just "the basics" for
either your social or wedding reception. We have the most comprehensive packages in Winnipeg. An 8-piece lighting
system comes with every
booking as well as 2,000 watts of chest-thumping bass.

We utilize the latest 

State-Of-The-Art digital acoustic software to analyse the acoustics of the venue. With this digital data in hand, we can make adjustments for the absolute BEST possible sound quality for each individual room. 

Plan Your Social, Reception or other event using our online event planners

Wedding social dj winnipeg

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​​​ We will be happy to discuss your upcoming event with you. We are proud to provide the absolute highest level of personal service to our clients: you're a name, not just a contract number. Contact us for a no pressure discussion about your big day and see why Quantum Sound Winnipeg DJ service will make your event a huge success.
  • Wedding Socials
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Banquets
  • Windups
  • Graduations
  • School Dances
  • Sweet Sixteens
  • Fundraisers

​​​Your DJs in Winnipeg: 

It's All About

The Music!

​​​​Whether it's a wedding social, wedding reception, windup or a corporate event, the DJ service providing the music for your social and reception is one of the most important choices you have to make. We have some of the most experienced Winnipeg DJs. 

We take the worry out of the entertainment side of your event and help make your social or wedding reception everything that you envisioned it would be.

We confidently say that we are THE social specialists in Winnipeg! With over 25 years in various aspects in the music and entertainment industry in Winnipeg and Manitoba, we know just what it takes. We can help you with ideas that we have seen over the years that can help you get the most out of your social. To get you off to a great start, we include 400 social tickets with your booking!

The Wedding Social:

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